Spring 2016 Catalog

Orders are accepted from 1/1/16 through 5/31/16 and typically shipped from 3/1/16 through 5/31/16.  Please contact us if your shipping needs fall outside these time frames and we will try to make other arrangements.  We can take orders to reserve product for the next season after these dates.

We do NOT accept credit cards anymore, but you can pay by check, money order and PayPal (bert@touchofnature.com) Just send an email to bleek@bellsouth.net with how many of each item you want and list your name, address, city, state and zip and method of payment.

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Bulbs & Perennials

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Acidenthera Agapanthus Aztec Lilies Bletilla
Caladiums Callas Cannas - Dwarf Cannas - Regular
Crinum Crocosmia Daylilies Elephant Ears
Garden Amaryllis Ginger Lilies Gladiolus Gloriosa
Hostas Japanese Iris Liatris Lilies
Liriope Lycoris Peruvian Daffodils Siberian Iris
Tuberoses Zephyranthes Garden Accessories Bushels of Bulbs
Dahlia Oxalis Astilbe Anemone

We would like to give you the opportunity to obtain some of the most popular and best quality Flowerbulbs & Perennials available at some of the very best prices.  All of these Flowerbulbs & Perennials carry our unconditional GUARANTEE.  There is plant material for every type of gardener...balcony gardeners...large and small garden gardeners...window box gardeners...patio gardeners and more!

For those of you who say it is difficult to garden because:

I don't have a garden, so I can't plant flowerbulbs & perennials:

People who live in apartments can also enjoy the beauty of a garden as long as they have a balcony or a patio.  All that is required are some containers of multiple sizes, shapes and colors.  Put some gravel or medium sized rocks in the bottom for drainage and fill it with soil.  Then, plant some flowerbulbs or perennials like Dwarf Cannas, Calla Lilies, Caladiums, or Hostas and enjoy them growing and beautifying your balcony or patio until frost arrives.  Of course, you will need to care for these by watering them and giving them some liquid fertilizer from time to time.

I don't have a garden, balcony or patio.....what about me?

Window boxes are the answer!  You can make them yourself or get them at your local do-it-yourself store.  The procedure is the same as for containers above.

We will ship the plant material you order at the appropriate planting time for your area.  It will be specified in the confirmation email you receive from us.  If you then would like to receive it earlier or later, let us know and we will inform you if that can be done.

We would like to invite you to visit our FAQ page regarding planting flowerbulbs & perennials and urge you to ask us any questions that you may have.  We will do our utmost to answer these expediently and hope that you will use us as your gardening resource.

If you do not find the perfect item for your garden, please email us or call us at 770-237-0993 and let us know what you are looking for.  We have many resources and it is impossible for us to carry everything...to come close is doable.  We want you to become successful in enjoying a garden you have dreamed about!

We hope that we have and will inspire you to continue to enjoy gardening or to experience it for the first time, depending on your level of past involvement.

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